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    Each day is intentionally sequenced with cabin time, high-adventure activities, swimming at our beach, and both small and large group games that engage our campers at their level!

    Take a look!

    Arts & Crafts

    You bring the creativity, we’ll bring the supplies! Under the supervision of our very talented and creative staff, you can work on different projects that express your unique personality! The sky’s the limit!


    Learn different strokes and gain experience paddling your own kayak. Or, team up with a cabin-mate and hop in a double kayak. Then take a trip with your cabin down the coast!

    High Ropes & Rock Wall

    High Ropes: Harness up and experience a series of 16 challenge elements while suspended 36-feet above the ground.

    Rock Climbing Wall: Harness up and get ready to climb our 32-foot rock wall! Learn to tie your own knots, climb new routes and finish off by rappelling off the top of the tower.


    Attention ballers! Try out different versions of basketball, or get ready to scrimmage. You will learn skills, dial in your free throw and maybe learn a new move.  Get ready to have so much fun shooting hoops with your friends!

    Horseback Riding

    Visit the Forest Cliff Ranch to take care of, tack and ride your own horse!  Fun for novice and experienced riders alike. Ride around our corral and love every minute of it!

    Archery & Riflery

    Ready, aim, fire!  Enjoy the challenging and fun world of target sports as you shoot a variety of pneumatic rifles in a safe and supervised environment. Then experience the thrill of getting a bull’s-eye!  Participants will learn proper bow care and shooting posture, and get lots of practice to perfect their shooting.


    GOALLLL! Whether you call it soccer or football, you are going to love playing it at Forest Cliff! Scrimmage on the FC United Red or Blue team, work on your skills and have a ton of fun!

    Ultimate Water Sports

    Ultimate Water Sports involves a number of waterfront activities! Hop on the tornado tube with your cabin-mates, give paddle boarding a try, or spend some time at the Aqua Park!

    Photos of Overnight Camp Activities

    Summer Camp Activities (19 Photos)

    Tornado Tubing
    Horseback Riding
    Rock Climbing Wall
    High Ropes Challenge Course
    Beach activities
    Arts & Crafts
    Waterfront games
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    We understand sending your child to camp is a big decision and we take our responsibility to care for your child very seriously. Our commitment to meeting every child’s needs underlies everything we do at Forest Cliff.

    Ensuring a safe and meaningful camp experience is the top priority of every member of our staff team. 

    Our rigorous staff selection process leads us to the best possible staff member for every position. Our specialized training programs ensure that each staff member is equipped to give every child an amazing camp experience. 

    Background checks, multiple references, a face-to-face interview, and over 100 hours of training allow us to assemble a capable and caring staff team every summer!

    Every aspect of camp is purposely designed to meet your child where they are and safely challenge them in their developmental and spiritual growth.

    Our counsellors find that special thing that makes each child unique and they nurture and celebrate it. With this in mind, a counselor’s purpose is to be a great role model, build relationships with campers, and make sure they are well taken care of and included at camp!

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    Before your child arrives at camp, we’ve carefully considered and prepared to provide the safest experience possible. Here are just some of the measures we’ve taken: 

    Accreditation – Ontario Camps Association (since 1997)

    Health Care Centre – Staffed by a Health Care Team, led by a Regulated Health Care Provider, available 24 hours a day.  In addition, we provide First Aid Training to our staff 

    DineSafe inspected and certified Kitchen and Dining Hall facilities 

    N.L.S. Certified Lifeguards supervise all waterfront activities 

    Safe Drinking Water – Our water comes from the same pipeline that supplies London 

    Activity Inspections – Annual inspections by industry experts to ensure safe operations and equipment 

    Severe Weather Readiness – Radar and weather radio bulletins constantly monitored for a proactive response to severe weather