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    Each day is intentionally designed for all our campers! Our activities are safe, fun and non-competitive so all our campers feel a sense of belonging and adventure every day.  Activity leaders ensure each guest enjoys all the fun of each activity in a safe and secure way.

    We build an engaging, exciting and meaningful program for each day of the week.  We learn about Jesus' love for us through interactive skits and Bible stories! Our program staff "transform" into relatable, larger-than-life characters who encourage kids to know more about themselves and God!

    Each group of campers will participate in activities independent of other groups, which will include all the fun of Forest Cliff Camps! We will continue to play on our large inflatables, NERF activities, skateboard and scooters, lots and lots of active and creative games, with an even more emphasis on being outdoors as weather permits.

    Each group of campers will be assigned its own space for activity periods, with enhanced cleaning and disinfecting in between groups, and counsellors will stay with the same group of children all week.

    Here are some of our amazing activities:

    • Spider Mountain - 24' portable rock wall and climbing inflatable! Harness in and climb the outside rock wall or work your way through the "spider webs" on the inside and then come down the massive inflatable slide.
    • The Cliff - 25' portable rock tower! 4 unique climbing routes for all skill levels, including rope ladders and a giant cargo net!  
    • Inflatable Obstacle Courses - The Gearbox and Vertical Rush! We've got a BIG inflatable obstacle courses! Campers go side by side working their way through, climbing up and over and sliding down to the finish. 
    • Air B n B - HUGE, tropical themed inflatable slide! Fast or slow, we've got you covered!
    • Water Zone - we have to stay cool in the summer heat! Our double lane slip-n-slides are always going fast! Teams race and blast water in our inflatable Water Maze! 
    • Mega Bloks - create and build whatever you'd like with over a thousand (yep, we have that many!) building blocks in the Mega Bloks Imagination Zone!
    • Skate N Scoot - Skateboards and Scooters for all skills and ages!  All the helmets and safety pads are provided.
    • Tie Dye & Buttons - campers make their very own Forest Cliff Tie Dye shirts and custom buttons!
    • Campfire - we bring the cozy campfire inside! Campers sing classic camp songs and watch and participate in Forest Cliff famous skits.
    • Talent Show - our campers are the best! Singing, jokes, magic, instruments - one of our highlights of the week!
    • NERF & Laser Tag - aim at fun and challenging targets with NERF Rival Blasters. Yes, we have our very own Laser Tag when indoor fun is a must!!
    • Sports and Field Games - we've got activities for everyone! Soccer, Cube Ball, Frisbee, Capture the Counsellor, Basketball - these are just a few of the games that we play to keep us active and having fun.
    • 9 Square in the Air & Gaga Ball - great camp games that our campers will play for hours!
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    We understand sending your child to camp is a big decision and we take our responsibility to care for your child very seriously. Our commitment to meeting every child’s needs underlies everything we do at Forest Cliff.

    Ensuring a safe and meaningful camp experience is the top priority of every member of our staff team. 

    Our rigorous staff selection process leads us to the best possible staff member for every position. Our specialized training programs ensure that each staff member is equipped to give every child an amazing camp experience. 

    Background checks, multiple references, a face-to-face interview, and over 100 hours of training allow us to assemble a capable and caring staff team every summer!

    Every aspect of camp is purposely designed to meet your child where they are and safely challenge them in their developmental and spiritual growth.

    Behaviour Management - our priority is to ensure that all campers at Day Camp have a safe and positive experience. Leadership staff at Day Camp are skilled and experienced in handling behavioural concerns. If issues arise, we evaluate the situation and act appropriately. You can expect us to communicate regularly with you if any such concerns arise.

    Our counsellors find that special thing that makes each child unique and they nurture and celebrate it. With this in mind, a counselor’s purpose is to be a great role model, build relationships with campers, and make sure they are well taken care of and included at camp!

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    Committed to Caring for your Child. We have carefully prepared our staff to provided the safest experience possible at Day Camp. Here are just a few of the care policies we have:

    • Hydration - we take scheduled breaks for campers to get drinks and stay hydrated. Campers bring their own refillable water bottles each day!
    • Frequent Hand Washing - including before and after activities and meal times.
    • Sunscreen - campers apply generously & regularly throughout the day.  Campers bring their own sunscreen each day!
    • Health & Allergy Concerns - we take allergy and health concerns seriously.  Our Day Camp is Nut Safe. We stringently require that campers bring peanut/nut free morning snacks & lunches and we check during the day.  A pre-packaged, afternoon snack is provided by Forest Cliff each day that is Peanut/Nut Free.  Campers with additional allergies are encouraged to bring their own snacks from home to be safe!
    • Supervision - our counsellors are instructed to always keep their campers close so that no camper is ever alone.  2 assigned counsellors are with each group, campers travel together and we never leave the day camp site.  All staff help to supervise - Head Counsellors, Area Leader Activity Staff, Administration, Directors and Media Staff - we all assist our assigned counsellors! 
    • Bathroom Policy - we reserve camper only bathrooms at each site. Our staff are not alone with campers. 
    • Weather Day Activities - we have a game plan for rain/extreme heat! We monitor the weather throughout the day and adjust quickly and safely! 
    • First Aid Response - we provide First Aid Training to our staff and we keep a fully stocked First Aid Kit for minor injuries.
    • Prescribed Medications - upon arrival at Day Camp, all medications will be dropped off to our Day Camp Administrator and a medical form is reviewed. All medication must be in its original prescription packaging to be administered by our Administrator as per the prescription instructions.

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