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For more than 80 years we have created unforgettable, life impacting experiences that have encouraged young people to grow into their true potential!

More Than Just Camp

staff and camper photoForest Cliff draws kids away from the routine of daily life and puts them in a new environment with unique experiences that offer growth and independence. 

We focus on building intentional, caring relationships between our counselors and your kids.

It’s through these encouraging and motivating relationships that kids develop a sense of belonging and have the best time of their year!

Creating Unforgettable Life-Changing Experiences

Whether you're at Day Camp or Summer Camp, we have a special way of doing things at Forest Cliff Camp. This unique perspective and customized approach to designing and delivering an amazing week at camp is what we call the Forest Cliff ExperienceRead more

Life at Summer Camp Camp

Great food, comfortable cabins and so much fun! Read more

All Star Staff

Our staff make the difference!  We only employ the BEST staff for the right job. Read more

Forest Cliff Day Camp

We are taking Forest Cliff on the road and and bringing summer fun to communities across Southwestern Ontario. Read more


Your Child is Our #1 Priority

Before your child arrives at camp, we’ve carefully considered and prepared to provide the safest experience possible. Here are just some of the measures we’ve taken: 

Accreditation – Ontario Camps Association (since 1997)

Health Care Centre – Staffed by a Health Care Team, led by a full-time Registered Nurse, available 24 hours a day 

DineSafe inspected and certified Kitchen and Dining Hall facilities 

N.L.S. Certified Lifeguards supervise all waterfront activities 

Safe Drinking Water – Our water comes from the same pipeline that supplies London 

Activity Inspections – Annual inspections by industry experts to ensure safe operations and equipment 

Severe Weather Readiness – Radar and weather radio bulletins constantly monitored for a proactive response to severe weather 

picture of lifeguard staff

What Parents Are Saying

"I think you do an amazing job...I have had 3 children go to camp at Forest Cliff and they have all loved it!" Dave L.

"This was my son’s first year away at camp and away from home for any length of time on his own. He had an amazing time! He loved the food, (he’s a picky eater) and felt the facilities were very well kept and clean. This was important to both him and myself. I will highly recommend this camp to others. Keep up the great work." Kathy C.

"It was awesome! It was one if the best experiences of my daugh­ter’s life!" Kaylee A.

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