All-Star Staff - Forest Cliff Camp

All-Star Staff

Our staff is our greatest asset 

We understand sending your child to camp is a big decision and we take our responsibility to care for your child very seriously. Our commitment to meeting every child’s needs underlies everything we do at Forest Cliff.

Ensuring a safe and meaningful camp experience is the top priority of every member of our staff team. 

Our rigorous staff selection process leads us to the best possible staff member for every position. Our specialized training programs ensure that each staff member is equipped to give every child an amazing camp experience. 

Background checks, multiple references, a face-to-face interview, and over 100 hours of training allow us to assemble a capable and caring staff team every summer!

We will get to Know your Child

The Heart of Forest Cliff is a heart for kids!

Every aspect of camp is purposely designed to meet your child where they are and safely challenge them in their developmental and spiritual growth.

Our counsellors find that special thing that makes each child unique and they nurture and celebrate it. With this in mind, a counselor’s purpose is to be a great role model, build relationships with campers, and make sure they are well taken care of and included at camp.

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