The Forest Cliff Experience

Creating Unforgettable, Life-Impacting Camp Experiences

We have a special way of doing things at Forest Cliff Camp. This unique perspective and customized approach to designing and delivering an amazing week at camp is what we call the Forest Cliff Experience.

Over 80 summers of camp have led us to discover several factors that lead to a life changing experience at Forest Cliff Camp.  These ideals are closely held by our Leadership Team and heavily emphasized in all our staff training.

The Forest Cliff Experience is:

  • All about Personal Discovery - Encouraging campers to learn more about themselves and God. Inspiring them to grow into their true potential.
  • Relationally Focussed - Everything at Forest Cliff happens in small groups that grow relationships and build community.  Shared experiences facilitate life-long friendships.
  • Inclusive - Embracing ALL young people.  We want to meet the diverse needs of all of our campers.
  • Innovative - Designing our programs, facilities and activities to create safe, creative, relevant and challenging experiences that are not typically available at home.
  • Influential - We aim to foster deep relationships with our campers and their families by meaningfully connecting with them throughout the year and inviting them to join us in our Mission and Vision.
  • Professional - Exceeding expectations of care, service and value.  Continually seeking feedback to fuel improvement.



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