Forest Cliff Camp - LiTE

Introducing the Leader in Training Experience [LiTE]

Did your kids love SALT? Then they'll go crazy for LiTE!

LiTE is a NEW immersive leadership training opportunity that will develop the skills and growth that campers experienced in SALT.  It is a more grown up camp experience for youth that have completed Grades 8 & 9 and features a wilderness out trip to Ontario's north! 

What is LiTE?
An 8 night immersive leadership experience beyond Forest Cliff! We want young people to go deeper with what they learned about themselves and God in our SALT experience in a really unique way. Check out the details below:


  • 7 day camping and canoe trip in Northern Ontario with our partner, Coldwater Canada.
  • Community based mentoring and discipleship with only 14 campers on each trip
  • 4 of Forest Cliff's most mature and best staff leading the way!
The Goal?

We want LiTE to be a next level experience from SALT! LiTE will encourage young people to develop spiritual habits like prayer, Bible study, service and encouragement of others.

Daily leadership lessons will focus on facing fears, understanding our identity and growing healthy relationships! 

LiTE will be a great way to give your kids a "growing up" experience! They will get to try new things and gain independence within a supportive community and alongside our mature and encouraging Forest Cliff Staff.

The Details!

2018 Registration opens January 1st! 

What comes next?
Selected applicants will be contacted for an interview.

Successful candidates and their parents will be invited register for LiTE. Isaac Butler, our Leadership Director will be answer any questions about this new and exciting opportunity!