Forest Cliff Camp - Safety

Safety is our #1 Priority

Committed to Caring for your Child

We have carefully prepared our staff to provided the safest experience possible at Day Camp. Here are just a few of the care policies we have:

  • Hydration we allow breaks for campers to get drinks and highly encourage all to bring bottles of water to Day Camp
  • Sunscreen is applied generously & regularly thoughout the day
  • Supervision our counsellors are instructed to always keep all their campers close by so that no camper is ever alone
  • Bathroom Policy we reserve camper only bathrooms at each site.  Our staff are never alone with any campers and campers always travel to the bathroom in pairs
  • Weather Day Activities we have a game plan for rain/extreme heat! 
  • First Aid Response all of our staff are First Aid certified and we keep a fully stocked First Aid kit for minor injuries

All-Star Staff

Our staff are our greatest asset!  They create an unforgettable experience by finding that special thing about your child and encouraging them.  All our staff go through a rigorous selection process, including three reference checks and a Police Background Screening and over 100 hours of training.
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Prescribed Medications

Upon arrival at Day Camp, all medications will be dropped off to our Day Camp Administrator and a medical form is reviewed.  All medication must be in its original prescription packaging to be administered by our Staff Team as per the prescription instructions.

Health & Allergy Concerns

We take allergy and health concerns seriously. We stringently require that camper lunches not contain any peanut products and our staff provide close supervision during lunch times to watch for items that may contain peanuts.  Our Staff Team is made aware of campers that have life-threatening allergies and an Epi-Pen is easily accessible at each site.

Camper Groups

Campers stay in groups of 12 - 15 children, with 2 assigned counsellors for the week. Groups travel to all activities together and remain with their counsellors throughout the day. These groups are the basic building block for growing relationships and building community in our Day Camps.  We do provide the opportunity for campers to request one group mate for the week during the registration process.

Behaviour Management

Our priority is to ensure that all campers at Day Camp have a safe and positive experience. Leadership staff at Day Camp are skilled and experienced in handling behavioural concerns. If issues arise, we evaluate the situation and act appropriately. You can expect us to communicate regularly with you if any such concerns arise.

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